Sales Force Automation

Whether itʼs your own field sales team, or an outsourced one, our systems can deliver up to 25% improved ROI.

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Insights not data

Are you drowning in spreadsheets that might or might not be up to date and accurate? You need systems that work in real time and are up to date before 08:30 every day. Systems which throw out Alerts and Insights, so your people donʼt have to hunt.

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Email was a neat idea a few years back. Now itʼs both blessing and curse. ʻThere must be a better wayʼ is a common refrain - well now there is! There are some great options out there, eg Yammer* and Chatter* - but naturally we think ours is the best.

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About the group

We've been delivering field sales management since 1990, under the Logobrand name. In January 2013 the Conker Group became the new name for Logobrand Retail Strategy.

We've got offices in London and Nottingham.

Our solutions are either SaaS or iOS/Android Apps. There is no other company in the UK which can deliver the full field sales automation service to FMCG businesses. We donʼt need to outsource any part of it, and consequently everything works smoothly together.

Contact us

Contact If youʼd like to discuss how we would improve your field sales, national accounts, supply chain, or anything related to this, please get in touch. Even if we donʼt end up doing business together, weʼll put some interesting ideas into your head!